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The Legislature increased Massachusetts' state tobacco program budget by $500,000 on July 9. The Governor signed the budget on July 16, 2021.  This is a boost of a million dollars over the Governor's initial proposal and is the latest in a series of small but steady increases to this essential program.


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Legislative priorities

Tobacco Free Mass is focused on legislation that helps people quit using tobacco, prevents young people from starting, and eliminates the tobacco industry's impact on communities in communities of color.

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Tobacco Free Mass' members join together to advocate for tobacco control legislation and policy, share information, and speak out on the social injustices caused by tobacco companies and their products. Membership dues, donations, and sponsorships support our work.

Monthly update

In June's update, read about the state budget process, a new social media campaign educating young people about the vaping industry, and news about JUUL's first (but not last) state settlement.  Follow links to a couple of articles about how racist decisions about environment create disparities generations later, just like tobacco industry targeting of specific communities has.


Blake Cady Award!

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Blake Cady Award for Leadership in Tobacco Control.  We give this award each year to an individual who has contributed greatly to the tobacco control movement in Massachusetts. Who do YOU think it should be this year?

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